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About Chris Windfelder

Chris Windfelder embarked on a career in supply management with FreeMarkets, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after acquiring his Bachelor of Science from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. As a Market Maker with FreeMarkets, Chris Windfelder oversaw immense global eSourcing initiatives and setup online auctions for new Fortune 500 customers. He served in this capacity for more than two years before continuing his studies as a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago. Upon graduating with a Master of Business Administration in 2004, Chris Windfelder returned to the supply chain management industry with A.T. Kearney, Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm. Beginning with the company as a manager, Chris Windfelder rapidly earned a promotion to the role of Senior Manager in 2006 after successfully overseeing a spectrum of strategic sourcing and online bidding transactions. As a Senior Manager, he gleaned insight into numerous industries in preparation for his current position as a Director. Chris Windfelder has held this title for nearly four years, collaborating with clients in varied sectors from cosmetics and healthcare to U.S. military installations. During his time as Director, Chris Windfelder spearheaded strategic initiatives for clients in South Africa in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup. A respected industry professional, Chris Windfelder holds membership with the Sourcing Interests Group and the Institute for Supply Management. He also co-authored the article, “Putting the ‘I’ in Team: Five keys to solidifying your reputation as an ‘I’nfluential supply management executive.” When he is not working, Chris Windfelder enjoys reading, sailing, and playing tennis. He contributes to the community through his active participation with the Wicker Park and Bucktown Chamber of Commerce CAPS program and support of The American National Red Cross.

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